Kakashi Gaiden

KAKASHI GAIDEN (Chapter 239 - 244)

Kakashia special flashback story about our beloved sensei, Kakashi (something which Kakashi fans must've been waiting for) it tells about Kakashi's past where he was fresh-promoted as Jounin. the Kakashi kid was far from his image when he grew up. he was more strict and submissive to the codes of Shinobi. Kakashi was in a team led by the legendary die-young Yondaime Hokage (or known also as Konoha Yellow Flash). his team mates were the rebellious Uchiha Obito and medic kunoichi Rin. here you will also discover the history of Kakashi's sharingan.

Uchiha Obitoas a descent of Uchiha clan, Obito really has the pride. but being in a team with the genius Kakashi made him feel inferior esp. when Kakashi made his way up to Jounin level. Obito believed if he has awakened the sharingan, he'll be even stronger than Kakashi. in the first Jounin assignment of Kakashi, the late Yondaime gave him a special kunai as a gift, meanwhile Rin gave Kakashi a medic pack. Obito who felt jealous to Kakashi didn't gave him anything. during the mission Obito and Kakashi brawled because Obito didn't like Kakashi leading the team.

Rin however, Yondaime made to tranquilize them and Obito finally admitted Kakashi as a team leader. on the way, the ninja from Iwagakure attacked them and kidnapped Rin. Kakashi decided to stay to the codes by proceeding the mission and sacrifice Rin, but Obito argued that they should save their team mate first. Obito insisted to leave and save Rin alone, he said sarcastically to Kakashi that "indeed a ninja who breaks the codes is a trash but a ninja who abandon his team mates is worse than trash."

Yondaime Hokagesurprisingly in the mid of duel, Kakashi came to help Obito and together they saved Rin. during the furious fight, Kakashi got his left eye hurt meanwhile Obito made to awaken his sharingan. yet they were too young to face Iwagakure ninja alone that Obito sacrificed himself to save Kakashi. on his deathbed Obito asked Rin to transplant his left sharingan eye to Kakashi as a gift. Kakashi and Rin were saved by Yondaime at the nick of the time but Obito met his death. Kakashi feels a huge debt as well as guilt upon his late team mate, even after he grew up.